Year 2021 / Volume 1 / Issue 1

Bujamin Bela, Assist.Prof., Mother Teresa University, Skopje
Paqe: 39-64
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Abstract: This study aims to research the effect of the perception of white-collar employees’ in the banking sector of the pay (in)equality and the intention to leave the job. The study is based on the model of equalities payment system. According to the previously prepared questionnaire we have measured the perceptions of general equality, including internal and external, individual and procedural equality, and through a linear regression we have measured the overall effect of the pay (in)equality on the intention to leave the job. In the scope of this research, we have analyzed the impact of demographic differences on the dimensions of pay (in)equality and the intention to leave the job. For the purpose of hypothesis testing we have used a selected sample of white-collar employees in the banking sector in the city of Istanbul. The data has been gathered by means of a questionnaire. 350 questionnaires have been distributed, to which we received only 239 feedbacks. The data has been analyzed in SPSS Statistics, version 22.0. At the end of research, a substantial negative relationship has been found between white collar employees’ perception of wage equality and their intention to leave the job. This implies that pay (in)equality has a solid impact on the employees’ intention to leave their work place. On the other hand, a result of this research is that in the demographic aspect, the employees’ perception of the pay equality varies according to gender and wage level, whereas for the variable of the intention to leave the job, the employees’ perception varies only based on gender.

Keywords: equality pay, individual/procedural equality pay, intention to leave work., internal/external equality pay, Payment system