Prof. Dr. Shener Bilali


Shener Bilalli finished his primary education in the municipality of Tearce, and his highschool in the Medical Highschool in Tetova. In 2003 he completed his master studies in the Department of History at Ankara Gazi University. At the Institute of Education Studies of the same university he finished his second master in the subject of history on the topic “The Image of the Ottomans in the History Schoolbooks in Macedonia”. He finished his doctorate studies in 2012, at Macedonian History Institute on the topic “Ottoman Cities between the 18th-20th century”. Since 2008 he has been working as an assistant atInternational Balkan University in Skopje. At this university, he has had other administrative and academic roles, such as rector’s administrative assistant, chief of department, dean of the Faculty of Communications, member of the Senate and vice-Rector. Currently he is a docent and vice-rector of this university since 2016. He continues to pursue his lectures and academic studies in the field of political history, history of the Balkans and history of civilization.