Dr. Sedad Beşlija


Sedad Beshlija was born in 1985. He finished his primary education in Bosnia and Istanbul and his highschool at Gazi Hüsrev Bey Madrasa in Sarajevo. In 2009, he graduated from State University of Sarajevo, at Faculty of Phylosophy, Department of History, Subject of Turkish History, Language and Literature. In 2009, he defended his university exam in the topic “XVI Islamic Culture in Bosnia and Herzegovina until the 15th century. He successfully completed his graduate studies in the period 2009-2011 in the major of Ottoman Administration in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the 15th – 18th centuries with the thesis “The measures taken and the methods applied for the stability of the ottoman rule in Bosnia until the end of the 16th century.” He finished his doctorate program at State University of Sarajevo in the years 2012-2015 in the subject: The Ottoman Administration in Bosnia and Nerzegovina from 1463 until 1839, and his doctorate dissertation “The Socio-Political Situation in the Sandzak of Herzegovina from the Zsitvatorok Treaty until the Peace Treaty of Karlovac (1606-1699)”. In May 2019 he was elected vice-director of the Institue of History in Sarajevo. Beshlija has published numerous translations, 21 articles and researches in the field of history, including the book “Istimalet – the Ottoman Political Strategy in the 15th and 16th century” (The Institute of History at the University of Sarajevo, 1st edition, 2017 in Bosnian Language.) He has attended many symposyums and conferences on history and has led 7 scientific projects.