Year 2021 / Volume 1 / Number: 2

Ali Pajaziti, Prof. Dr., South East European University
Paqe: 55-74
Full Text:

Abstract: William Montgomery Watt (1909-2006), a world-renowned Scottish historian and orientalist who also served as chairman of the English Society for Oriental Studies. A scientist who did a good job of adequately covering a very extensive history, social philosophy and sociology of one of the world’s great religions. He speaks about close relationship between religious beliefs and political doctrine in Islamic countries today. He has studied in a fundamental way Islam and Muslim societies, Muslim-Christian relations, author of twenty-nine books and many articles, in which he expresses his vision and scientific profile. Among them Islam and the Integration of Society (1961) and Religious Truth for Our Time (1995). Watt, one of the most highly regarded West’s scholars in the field of Islam, combines history, theology, politics and sociology to provide a succinct study of all aspects of the origin, history and social reflections of teachings of Islam. Montgomery Watt represents significant progress among Western scholarship in portraying Islam in a objective light.
His works present a clear and comprehensive survey of the development of Islamic political thought, from the politico-religious structure established by Mohammed and his immediate successors, to its current status in the modern world. In this study, which uses the method of documentation, descriptive, historical, comparative, discursive analysis and others, talks about Watt’s social philosophy, his concept of history and religion, sacred history, history secular, the end of history etc.

Keywords: religion, Islam, history, sociology of islam, end of the history