Year: 2022 / Volume: 2 / Number: 2

Sevba Abdula, Dr., Fettah Efendi Association
Paqe: 7-46
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Abstract: This study aims to examine the processes brought forth in Serbian historiography using the structural nature of the mutually influential relationship between power and history as data. The study focuses on the post-1990 period and examines the history, institutions, major works, and historians of Serbian historiography. The period under study includes two distinct power eras: the nationalist transition and the postmodern period. The study examines the characteristics, structures, and dynamics of these periods within this framework and attempts to determine the continuity and differences between these two periods. The study analyzes the results of Serbian historiography’s relationship to power and history by examining the Ottoman narrative in general works on Serbian history.

Keywords: power, history, Serbian historiography, nationalist transition period, postmodern period.