Year 2021 / Volume 1 / Issue 1

Shener Bilal, Assoc.Prof. International Balkan University,
Paqe: 93-104
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Abstract: Migration is a constant process immanent to humans from the beginning of humanity until today. In some regions such as the Balkans, this process was particularly intense, with its own specifics and characteristics. This peninsula is a crossroads of civilizations with different ideological, socio-cultural, religious practices. It helped here to be developed a spirit of cooperation in all spheres of social life: political, economic, and cultural. But the interests of the great powers to dominate this strategic region occasionally led to conflicts, which resulted in forced migration of the population. The purpose of this paper will be to analyze exactly the process of migration, both forced (political) and voluntary (economic) that are characteristic of modern society. In the analysis of this topic we will use a historical approach, and the subject of our observation will be the period between the 17th and the beginning of the 21st century. Our analysis will cover a longer time interval because it will allow us to identify clear patterns of behavior of collective political actors – states as well as individuals.

Keywords: BalkansCivilizationsHistory.ImmigrationsReligion