Year 2022 / Volume 2 / Number: 1

Hana Younis, Dr., University of Sarajevo
Paqe: 9-27
Full Text:

Abstract: In this paper, the author depicts a woman’s life through the documents of the Sharia Court in Sarajevo and points out the reasons for her appearance in front of a kadi. The text analyzes the available documents in which women are plaintiffs or defendants, and through their examples, the author tries to point out the changes, especially for Muslim women in everyday life during the Austro-Hungarian rule. The paper also provides exact data on the number of married and divorced cases in the Sharia Court in Sarajevo in the period 1885. – 1907., 1911. and 1913. Special attention is given to divorces, the right to personal property, the right to care and alimony. The paper shows the position of women at the crossroads of two kingdoms through a image at the local level.

Keywords: Bosnia and Herzegovina, women, Sarajevo Sharia Court, property, the right to care, alimony wedding, divorce.