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Book Reviews

To Be a Qadi in Cristian Empire: The Work and Staff of Sharia Courts in Bosnia and Herzegovina Between 1878-1914

Dženita Sarač-Rujanac Dr., University of Sarajevo Author 0000-0003-1196-5791




Known for its exceptional publishing activities, the University of Sarajevo Institute of History’s 21st edition of Hisorijske Monografije [Historical Monograph] published a book by Dr. Hana Younis, a senior research associate. This is the fifth book from the author, who for almost 20 years has been studying the history of Bosnia and Herzegovina during the last decades of the Ottoman rule and the Austro-Hungarian period, with a special focus on social and everyday-life history. Significantly exceeding the previous interests of historical science by bringing a view from below, she has focused her numerous works on the lives of the “little people” whose destinies are visibly influenced by all key sociopolitical processes of the long and turbulent 19th century.