• The Editorial Rights of the Balkan Studies Journal are regulated with the Transfer of the Right of Publication, which will be signed by the authors after the Editorial Board has decided to publish it.

      According to this document:

  • The author transfers the rights of processing, dissemination and reproduction, leasing and public lending, direct and indirect representation, transmission to the general public, broadcasting and republishing / transmission, merchandising and format to the Fettah Efendi Education and Thinking Association for 10 years.
  • The author’s writing is an original work, there is no third-party right on it; It accepts and undertakes that the compensations and other legal responsibilities that may arise if third parties make claims on all or part of the article.
  • The author, from the publication of the work published in the Journal of Balkan Studies undertakes not to post to
    personal, corporate or any other website, sharing platforms or any social media or messaging program within twenty-four (24) months from the date onwards. The article can only be promoted and shared through the journal’s identity and through the corporate accounts of the journal.
  • After The first two (2) pages of the PDF version is published by the Journal of Balkan Studies, he agrees and undertakes that he can share it in all digital and social media environments. In addition, the writer can work individually or by third parties or book etc. it accepts that the publishing or digital republishing of another work is subject to the permission of Fettah Efendi Education and Thought Association.