The Journal of Balkan Studies is a peer-reviewed refereed academic and international journal that is published twice a year. The main focus of the Journal of Balkan Studies are the social sciences, more precisely the disciplines of history, sociology, theology, political science, international relations and economics. This scientific journal publishes its articles in English, Albanian, Turkish, Macedonian, Bosnian and Serbian.
The Journal of Balkan Studies aims to research the truths of the Balkans, recognizing, explaining and developing a perspective based on the frameworks of objectivity and scientific research.The Balkans as a region in general, in the last two centuries has had a constant problem with its order and stability. Therefore, in continuation this region, from the aspect of human, society, knowledge and value paradigms, it has faced with adaptation to the world perspectives. This actuality has consistently attempted to produce mainly a one-dimensional society, with continuous interruptions in the creation of values, denying the tradition and creation of research knowledge on Balkan societies and communities.

The Journal of Balkan Studies takes into account the structure of the Balkan region, which in itself is in numerous contradictions over identity, social strata and history in general.¬† Based on it, the journal is committed to provide concepts on multi-dimensional reality and holistic perspectives, with unique, independent and universal pieces of work and consistently focused on the human and society studies for Balkans. Also knowledges related to the “past” of the Balkan region, analysis of the present and predictability of the future of this region, to be realized within the framework of scientific research. The journal will also contribute to finding new interpretations or reinterpretations, impacts and the creation of new objective paradigms.

The Balkan region, with its dynamic that possess, can produce valuable information and knowledge about itself and the world at large. From this prism we believe that the Balkan region can provide valuable perspectives and possible suggestions for regional and global dynamics on people, thought and the society in general.
In this context, we would like to reaffirm that the first publication of the Journal of Balkan Studies will be at January 1, 2021. The deadline for submission of articles is September 20, 2020. Based on the framework of disciplines and foreseen principles, we expect all researchers in the Balkan region to apply with papers or certain book reviews.

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